Kennesaw Blue Polyethylene

Kennesaw Blue polyethylene is a type of plastic water pipe believed to be the “Pipe of the Future” and was used as an alternative to copper plumbing. Over 6 million homes had the blue polyethylene pipe installed for the main water line and the water supply lines that service  Kennesaw sinks, Kennesaw faucets, Kennesaw showers, Kennesaw baths, Kennesaw toilets, and Kennesaw laundry rooms. The chlorine in our water attacked the walls coated in resin causing the pipe to weaken and soon after causing water line breaks and in some cases whole house replacements. At one time there was a lawsuit filed and homeowners were able to get reimbursed for the replacement. This lawsuit is now over and is no longer in effect.

After many years of repairing and replacing copper plumbingpolyethylene pipelaundry roomswater linesplastic water, water line repairs, whole house replacements, and main water line breaks we have become experts in blue-poly repairs and replacements. If you Alpharetta plumbing has blue poly pipes give us a call now for an estimate 678-355-9181.

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