Avoiding Thanksgiving Plumbing Emergencies 

A plumbing disaster today or tomorrow could cost you big time – most plumbers charge double on holidays.

Clogged sinks and drains during a party at your house are so common this time of year simply because more people are using your toilets and sinks than normal.

Overuse of plumbing fixtures by friends and family are the most common reason for the seasonal plumbing emergencies.

Plus, too much time (and too many cooks) in the kitchen can cause unusual items to end up in your sink.

We have pulled spoons, straws, knives, pennies, potato peels, and all to many times guest and owners alike treat their disposal like a trash can… and it is not.

If you haven’t had a plumber over yet this season, and you have a leaky pipe or drainage underneath your sink, try to call one before your Christmas or New Years parties.

But it’s not too late to avoid a disaster today. Here are some last minute tips:

Don’t put ANYTHING down your garbage disposal

Never run the disposal when water’s not running

Make sure children don’t flush anything down the toilet that isn’t paper and avoid excessive amounts of toilet paper usage and wipes being flushed.

Have guests sleeping over wait at least ten minutes in between showers so pipes don’t get clogged up

Happy Thanksgiving!