Clogged Kitchen Sink Drain

A local Acworth property management company purchased a condo and it came with some issues. Right after moving in the tenants realized that the kitchen drain line was clogged. If water was left running, in about 20-30 seconds they would see water standing in the disposal. So, since the place was under a home warranty, a plumber showed up and cleared the clog (which, from the report was something like 10 ft down the line). In about 5-6 days, the clog was back.

The property manager & homeowner decided that a second opinion was in order and hired us to diagnosis the issue. What we found was as followed:

1. Whoever installed the sink and the piping was not a professional, licensed plumber.
2. There was no p-trap installed.
3. The plumbing would have to be re-piped.
4. The garbage disposal was burnt out and would have to be replaced.
5. And lastly, the connection used to pipe the kitchen sink drain line to the main drain line was wrong, wrong, wrong. There is a first time for everything and this was first! The kitchen sink drain line was plastic connected to a cast iron pipe using hose clamps and pipe dope? Huh?!?!?

We advised the tenants that the garbage disposal is not a trash can (as the previous owners used it). That scrapping their plate off or leftovers into the disposal will void the warranty and be considered abuse, and not to repeat their mistake.

Now onto the fix, we had to cut out all the plumbing below the floor into the basement ceiling and re-pipe below the flooring, what a mess and how did the home inspector not catch this (but that’s another blog, another time!) We found the clog just beyond the patched together pipes and cleared the clog. After all the pipes were cut out we re-piped making a proper connection, we brought all the pipes back up through the floor into the cabinet, installed the new disposal and connected all the pipes to the kitchen sink. The sink drained perfectly and all was flowing again!