Avoiding a Christmas Plumbing Emergency

Burst pipes can destroy your kitchen, bathrooms, and home while away on vacation.

How would you like to come back from vacation to find THIS in your kitchen?

Burst pipe frozen pipes
Remember, if you are going away from home in cold weather set your thermostat to a temperature no lower than 55° F. You might also want to open kitchen doors and cabinets so warm air can circulate.

Let the count down to Christmas begin! 


Maintain Your Kennesaw Hot Water Heater

The most obvious sign that your water heater is in need of a service repair, is when there is any water found on or beneath the unit. Regularly checking for moisture of any sort, not only a big puddle of water beneath the heater is must to avoid an emergency.
When cold water becomes rust colored it is strongly advised to flush the tank.
Flushing the storage tank annually is a must to maintain the life of the water heater.
Hot water smells can happen as well, and we can help diagnose the smell. The smell can be caused by shifts in the water supply and are not associated with the water heater, but we can certainly help check it to make sure.
Don’t be reluctant to make contact with Hot Water Heater Repair Kennesaw with any issues you could possibly have concerning handling your water heater, for we are always here to assist! (678) 355-9181

Finding Plumbers in Kennesaw

A True Family Owned and Operated Kennesaw Plumbing Company

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Need to find a Plumber in Kennesaw?

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  • 24 Hour Emergency Service Available– Most plumbing needs are an emergency
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Kennesaw, Ga. is north located near I-75 & 41 North,  finding a Kennesaw plumber to service the coverage areas quickly is easy when you trust in us for your Kennesaw plumbing services.

Kennesaw Service Areas:

  • Plumber in Kennesaw
  • Plumber near Historical/Downtown Kennesaw
  • Plumber near Town Center at Cobb
  • Plumber near Kennesaw Mountain
  • Plumber near Barrett Parkway
  • Plumber near Acworth
  • Plumber near Marietta
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Plumber near Cobb County

Call us now (678) 355-9181 to schedule a Plumber in Kennesaw, for a Kennesaw Plumber same day service, and for your Kennesaw Emergency Plumber Repairs.

Top 10 Kennesaw Plumbing Myths

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Kennsaw Plumbing Myth #1: Putting Lemons in Your Kennsaw Disposal to Make It Smell Fresh Is a Good Idea

When life gives you lemons, don’t put them down your Kennsaw disposal! You might succeed in briefly creating a fresher aroma in your Kennsaw a kitchen, but the citric acid from lemons corrodes the metal inside your Kennsaw disposal.

The Better Alternative:
Use ice to polish your Kennsaw disposal up inside, which works just like a rock tumbler polishing rocks; it’s noisy, but it works. Power wash the scum causing the odor from the drain without ruining your disposal.

Kennesaw Plumbing Myth #2: “In Tank” Cleaners Will Keep Your Kennesaw Toilet Sparkling and Smelling Like Roses

Spending money on “in tank” cleaners marketed to make your chores easier and decrease the time you spend scrubbing your toilet is one cost you can cut.

These products bleach smelly build-up white, but don’t get rid of it. Eventually, the build-up can ruin your toilet.

The Better Alternative: 
Use vinegar down the overflow tube. Vinegar removes smelly build-up that can damage the flow of your Kennesaw toilet for a fraction of the cost.

Kennesaw Blue Polyethylene

Kennesaw Blue polyethylene is a type of plastic water pipe believed to be the “Pipe of the Future” and was used as an alternative to copper plumbing. Over 6 million homes had the blue polyethylene pipe installed for the main water line and the water supply lines that service  Kennesaw sinks, Kennesaw faucets, Kennesaw showers, Kennesaw baths, Kennesaw toilets, and Kennesaw laundry rooms. The chlorine in our water attacked the walls coated in resin causing the pipe to weaken and soon after causing water line breaks and in some cases whole house replacements. At one time there was a lawsuit filed and homeowners were able to get reimbursed for the replacement. This lawsuit is now over and is no longer in effect.

After many years of repairing and replacing copper plumbingpolyethylene pipelaundry roomswater linesplastic water, water line repairs, whole house replacements, and main water line breaks we have become experts in blue-poly repairs and replacements. If you Alpharetta plumbing has blue poly pipes give us a call now for an estimate 678-355-9181.

Kennesaw Clogged Disposal

How to identify a clogged disposal, a jammed disposal, or motor burnt out on a disposal.

In your Kennesaw home a disposal that is clogged, jammed or burnt out can be easy to identify with a little plumbing knowledge.

Kennesaw Clogged Disposal:

If you Kennesaw Disposal is clogged your sink will begin to back up into either side of your kitchen sink and the disposal will not grind. Never put your hand or any other objects into the clogged disposal to clear the clog. It is also important to know that you can burn the motor out on your disposal if you turn the disposal on and off.

Your best fix is to Call Us Now (678) 35-9181 and let our Master Plumber located in Kennesaw make your clogged disposal repairs.

Kennesaw Jammed Disposal:

A Kennesaw Jammed Disposal will still hum or buzz but will not grind. A jammed disposal can be caused by too much waste being put into the disposal or it can be caused by the motor seizing up. Never put your hand or any other objects into the clogged disposal to clear the clog. It is also important to know that you can burn the motor out on your disposal if you turn the disposal on and off.

Your best fix is to Call Us Now (678) 35-9181 and let our Master Plumber located in Kennesaw make your jammed disposal repairs.

Kennesaw Disposal Motor Burnt Out:

A Kennesaw Disposal Motor that has burnt out will not make any noises and will not grind. Some common  issues to check for are: 1. Check your circuit breaker to make sure it has not tripped. 2. Press the reset button.

If neither of the suggestions work Call Us Now (678) 355-9181 to have our Master Plumber located in Kennesaw to repair your Kennesaw Disposal or replace your Kennesaw Disposal.