Christie Trainia

An excellent company! My heating contractor referred me to them. I had a small repair to a toilet fill line and shower faucet repair. Despite a very busy Friday night Vladimir said he would find the time to get this taken care of. He arrived and fixed the problem in a very courteous and cost effective way. I’m thankful for the referral and will use them again. Update: the plumber had to come back out because my shower would not shut off. It ended up being a defective part in my shower (bought from homedepot) but the best part was he must have felt bad for me because he only charged me a trip charge. Honest guy! 2nd review: I was out of town last Sunday and had my neighbor feeding the animals when she noticed a leak. I had her call Vladimir and he came and shut the water off on his way home from church and came back on Monday to fix the leak. I got back yesterday expecting the worst but he had cleaned up all the wet sheetrock, vacuumed up the water off the ground, put fans out to help dry up the mess (which I’ll have to give back). Amazing! He will always be my go to plumer and I will refer him to EVERYONE! Amazing!